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What we do

Services we provide

Laser cutting, water jet cuttingdesign, bending, structural metalwork, interiors, exteriors, custom designmandrel bending, balustrades and electrical enclosures

Materials we work with

We can cut almost any material. We are experienced in working with a huge range of materials - aluminium, copper, brass, nickel alloys, rubber, stainless steel, glass, foam, stone, laminates, composites, Autex, plastics and carbon fibre - the options are endless!

Industries we serve

We have a loyal customer base from a vast range of industries - architects, landscape designers, engineers, sign makers, tilers, automotive industry, packaging, kitchen designers, monumental masons, marine industry, motorsport, artists, machinery designers, fabricators, entrepreneurs, tinkerers and hobbyists, and surgeons. 

How we work

We know timing and planning are vitally important when you are meeting deadlines and are committed to a fast and reliable service. 

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