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Laser Cutting - Plate & Tube

Our team have the experience and technology to deliver quality laser cut parts. Our two independent laser cutting machines - a tube laser and plate laser, provide fast, highly accurate and very efficient cutting with minimal waste. We can cut a wide range of materials including aluminium, mild steel and stainless steel.

Tube Laser Machine

Our Tube Laser gives us complete contour freedom for cutting an extremely wide range of material profiles. 


Technical capabilities / Machine capacity

  • We can process a 9 metre length with an area diameter of Ø350. This means we can process UB's, UC's SHS (sq), RHS (rect), CHS (pipe/tube). 

  • The tube laser is a 3kw machine using an IPG power source and RayTools tube specific, auto focus cutting head.

  • We use nitrogen gas (self-generated), high pressure air and oxygen.

  • Maximum materials thicknesses (mild steel 10mm, stainless steel 6mm and aluminium 6mm (5mm with bevel)).

  • Tolerance +/- 0.2mm

  • See our materials page for the full list of the materials we cut. 

Plate Laser Cutting

Our Plate Laser is capable of processing a wide variety of materials, up to 25mm in thickness. With this machine, our expert team can create customised precise parts and a solution that meets your needs.

Technical capabilities / Machine capacity

  • Machine capacity - 4 metres x 2 metres.

  • Using our exchange table, we can provide seamless production. 

  • The plate laser is a 6kw machine using an IPG power source and German brand Precitech, auto-focus cutting head

  • We can cut up to 25mm thick.  

  • As above it has self-sufficient gas consumable capabilities.  

  • Zero taper. 

  • See our materials page for more technical data.


Send us your file (dxf, dwg, sat, igs) or have one of our team draw it for you. Contact us

What Our Clients Say


Adam Mojsa, Konnect Fastening Systems

"I’ve had the pleasure of working with Metcon on several projects. From fabricating metal components to cutting threaded rod they offer great advice on how to best approach a project. Their rates are very competitive, the quality is superb, and they can turn around projects very fast. I find Matt, Rob & Ian very approachable and professional and I highly recommend using Metcon for your next project".

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