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Water Jet Cutting

Think of it, and we can cut it! Our water jet machine can provide cutting solutions to all types of industries within the Wellington region and throughout New Zealand.

The capabilities of our water jet machine and the team at Metal Construction who work with it are endless. Cutting with our water jet machine is extremely accurate, quick, versatile and can produce complex and elaborate profiles, shapes, and designs from a diverse range of materials including (but not limited to) aluminium, copper, brass, nickel alloys, rubber, stainless steel, glass, foam, stone, laminates, composites, Autex, plastics and carbon fibre (see our materials page).  Our advanced nesting software produces super tight nests so waste material is almost eliminated. Common material jobs are nested and cut together, which increases efficiency, reduces change over time and keeps costs down.

Whether you are doing a production run, a bit of DYI or needing a custom designed item our water jet machine will provide the solution.

Technical capabilities and machine capacity

  • Our Water Jet Machine runs 50,000 psi. It also has a 20,000 psi low pressure option. We can cut to a tolerance of +/-0.1mm.

  • The Water Jet Machine has a  table size of 3048mm x 1524mm and the ability to cut up to 200mm thick. However, we can cut longer with repositioning. 

  • See our materials page for the full list of what we cut. 

Waterjet Cutting Benefits 

  • Cuts most materials.

  • Cuts both small, intricate designs and large, bulky objects.

  • Reduces time through quick precision cutting.

  • Saves money due to its stacking ability - cutting multiple parts with a single pass.

  • Produces a quality finish with no heavy burning.

  • Does not distort materials and has no heat affected zone.

  • Places no pressure on the part being cut.

  • Can quickly produce one-off prototypes or large production run.

  • Reduces material waste.

Send us your file (dxf, dwg, sat, igs) or have one of our team draw it for you. Contact us

What Our Clients Say

Amanda Rossiter, Business Owner

Metal Construction have been providing a water jet cutting service for me for the past couple of years.  I have been so impressed with them!  The team are extremely friendly and approachable, they provide a really fast turn-around, usually within a day or two and the cutting has been fantastic. From time to time, we have needed help with custom designs which Matt has absolutely nailed. 

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